€ 3 million investment for JB Océane in Concarneau

August 2020
Par MyCfia

Relocation planned for fall 2020 for JB Océane. In October 2019, the family cannery launched the construction of a new site in the La Boissière area near the expressway. Today, the SME has 450 m2 of buildings. "More modern and more visible, the 1,200 m2 site will bring together our production workshops, our offices, but also a discovery area and a shop", summarizes Jean-Luc Lavolé, quality and R&D manager at JB Océane. The overall amount of the project is 3 M €, including 1 M € for production tools. The real estate investment is carried by Breizh immo, co-investment fund of the Brittany region, operated by Sembreizh. JB Océane is also supported, in its material purchases, by Europe and the State of the Brittany region, under the European fund for maritime affairs. In this context, the company receives aid of € 500,000. Founder of the company in 1990, Jean Burel is also preparing for the future, anticipating a family takeover.

Local machines

On this new site, the family SME intends to optimize and increase its means of production and packaging. “In the current workshop we have five seamers from three different brands. This causes problems of installation, size and maintenance. These five machines will be replaced by a single tool, all in one, for all the necessary formats, ”explains Jean Burel. This equipment is supplied by Guy Le Gall in Quimperlé, specialized in machining and precision mechanics. As much as possible, the SME is equipped with local equipment manufacturers such as Guelt for the loading and unloading system for autoclave baskets or Celtech, in Quimper, for the dosing line. These investments are also intended to improve the working conditions of employees. The team now has 10 people. Two recruitments are underway before the move.

New products

Specializing in preserves of seafood, JB Océane produces terrines, soups, rillettes and traditional preserves, in particular based on local sardines, mackerel and tuna. All products are canned. “These new resources will also allow us to consider new ranges, in particular pasteurized products. While maintaining artisanal production and filling sardine cans by hand, we are going to mechanize certain processes with lower added value, such as labeling, ”explains Jean-Luc Lavolé. JB Océane's products are marketed under the Jean Burel and Algo d'Aure brands for its organic range. They are distributed in delicatessen and in a network of four own stores. For the summer, the SME is preparing the release of a discovery pack of three products: a confit of Saint-Jacques, a crab / cake delight and seafood rillettes. They will be equipped with the new visual identity of the brands of the company.

By Agence API / Ouest France

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