Anastasia Boucheron (Ania): "The Ania-Apec partnership will give more visibility to job opportunities"


May 10, 2021, 12:06 PM

Last April, Ania and Apec signed a two-year partnership. With what objective? In particular that of promoting employment and the various trades offered by the agri-food sector, with executives and young graduates.

Director of Social Affairs at Ania, Anastasia Boucheron has agreed to answer's questions on this subject. "It is therefore in this context that Ania and Apec have decided to join forces, with a real desire to provide the best support to companies which recruit heavily ", she indicates in particular.

Why this partnership between Ania and Apec? And what will be the prerogatives of each of the organizations?  

Ania and Apec signed a partnership on April 7th. An unprecedented partnership that will last for two years. The objective is to promote job opportunities and professional careers but also to promote careers in the agri-food sector among executives and young graduates. This makes sense to us because the food industry is the 1st French industrial employer, with more than 500 000 jobs spread throughout the territory and a little more than 17 000 companies.

Moreover, despite the crisis, the LPNs have shown great resilience, they have maintained their jobs and even continued to recruit. They are in the midst of transformation and continue to innovate and adapt to the challenges of tomorrow. It is therefore in this context that Ania and Apec have decided to join forces, with a real desire to provide the best support to companies which recruit heavily. The objective is also to facilitate the connection between companies and the executive skills they are looking for.

Concretely, how will this partnership be set up and articulated?

Through this collaboration, Ania and Apec have decided to coordinate their respective actions, with two priority issues: the first is to optimize support for employers in the agri-food industry sector in their HR development initiatives, while the second is to secure recruitments and professional careers for executives and promote employment, especially among young people.

The partnership will be implemented in a concrete and operational way within the territories and as close as possible to needs and interests. Concerning Ania, the regional food industry agencies (ARIA) will be able to benefit from this partnership to deploy actions with companies of all sizes.

Is this partnership also a way to support the agrifood sector, which has continued to operate and recruit at the heart of this health crisis?

Absolutely. This partnership will make it possible to give more visibility to job opportunities. LPNs offer not only job opportunities but also career path opportunities. To do this, we must make known   the agri-food professions and the wealth of know-how, with effective dissemination for a better knowledge of these.

This will also involve relaying job vacancies and making tools available to companies to facilitate recruitment and the search for skills, which is a very important point for us since many vacancies are not filled every year in the IAA (nearly 30,000 positions remain unfilled). We must create this meeting with companies and make the link with executives and young graduates who have the skills to come and contribute to the proper functioning and development of the food industries.

Precisely, do you feel that young graduates can be attracted by the agri-food sector and the professional path and the developments that it can offer?

In any case, there is a very concrete desire of the IAA to attract young people. And, indeed, young people are motivated to join the agrifood sector, in particular through work-study programs. To give you an idea, in 2020, the food sector is the 3rd that recruited the most in learning, with nearly 31 000 young people recruited.

Here too, Ania and Apec fully intend to work together to continue to develop work-study programs in the agrifood sector. A breathtaking dynamic that is in total complementarity with the partnership signed with the High Commissioner for Employment and Business Engagement in December 2020, as part of the “1 young person 1 solution” scheme.

The food, digital and environmental transition issues are facing the food industry. All this leads to an evolution of the different professions and a necessary innovation. There is a real transformation of the industry and that is what can, who must and which will interest young people.

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