Barry Moeleker (Tummers): "I think it is important to be present on the CFIA"

September 2020
Par MyCfia

International Sales Manager at Tummers , notably in charge of the French market, Barry Moeleker has already exhibited on the CFIA with another company. Aware of what the show represents for the agrifood sector, he made the decision to exhibit with Tummers upon his arrival in the company. He explains why ...

First of all, introduce your company ...

Tummers Food Processing Solutions specializes in the development of machinery and complete processing lines for the potato and vegetable processing industry in general. We can supply stand-alone machines but also complete lines, turnkey factories ... We are active in several areas:

  • Stone removal / washing
  • Peeling (steam)
  • Cutting
  • Drying
  • Complete lines of flakes (potatoes)
  • Complete lines of fries

Each group consists of a range of machines, which is distinguished by innovation and durability. As we develop and build all of our machines in-house, we are able to respond quickly to the changing needs of the global industry.

You will be exhibiting at CFIA for the first time with Tummers, but you already know the CFIA? What do you think of this show?

I have already exhibited about ten times on the CFIA but with another company. It always went well and it led to business. This year I changed company but I hope we will have the same results with Tummers. We are very happy to have the opportunity to exhibit at CFIA Rennes.

As soon as you arrived at Tummers, you wanted to exhibit on the CFIA. Why ?

I am the person in charge for France within the Tummers company. It is not currently very active on the French market, but that will change. As such, the show is really in the heart of our market (vegetable processing).

When you found out that it was possible to exhibit on CFIA in September, was your decision easy to make?

Of course. Because I strongly believe that it is important to be present on the CFIA. This allows you to discover new customers and to make yourself known by a majority of them.

Is the benchmark agro-event the ideal place to do business?

Yes. I always had good contacts and was able to see all my clients there. This show helped us greatly to expand our market in France when I was in my old company.

Today is all new for Tummers and I am confident that our possible clients are there so that we can grow Tummers market share in France.

What does this event represent for you?

It is the most important trade fair for the agri-food market in France. All the major companies meet there.

To discover the full program and the detailed list of Exhibitors for the next CFIA Rennes, click here!

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