Bercy supports investment before the recovery plan

August 2020
Par MyCfia

The government is launching a call for industrial projects with 100 million euros.

The government wants to revive industrial investment, seized by the health crisis. For this, it has just released 100 million euros intended to finance the projects of companies positioned in four sectors deemed "critical": health, food (diversification of supplies, creation of production capacities), electronics. and heavy industry (chemicals, metals and raw materials). The government intends to complete its offer in a few weeks with a 5G component (mobile telephony), deemed "strategic" for the French economy.

Launched this summer, the call for projects will remain open until November 17. It targets manufacturers seeking to "create new production units, invest in existing units to increase and modernize their capacities or make them more productive and more flexible" , specifies Bercy. Projects can also make it possible to develop and implement innovative technological processes on an industrial scale.

"The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the industrial and technological dependence of the French economy and the fragility of certain global value chains", explains Bercy. Its objective is therefore to reduce the country's dependence "on non-European suppliers, while developing the sectors of the future" . In this context, the first sector targeted is that of the pharmaceutical and health industries, with equipment, in particular that used during in vitro diagnostics, active ingredients or drugs.

Avoid the mistakes of 2008

Companies participating in the investment project will also be able to benefit from the € 200 million plan announced in June to repatriate the production of medicines (especially paracetamol) to France. “The two plans are complementary,” says Bercy. The envelope of 100 million euros may seem modest, but it is intended to act as a "bridge" before the entry into force in 2021 of the economic recovery plan of 100 billion euros, which will be presented August 25. "In the recovery plan, one billion euros will be released to finance industrial relocation in France" , explains Bruno Le Maire.

Faced with the urgency of the situation, the government wants to move quickly and prevent companies, sensitive to the recession, from postponing their industrial investments and construction projects for the factory of the future. This would hamper the rebound of the economy and the competitiveness of the French industrial fabric, already lagging behind Germany or Italy. “The objective is not to reproduce the errors of 2008-2009,” says an expert. During the financial crisis, French industrial companies halted their investments, which penalized them for a long time.

This new plan follows similar calls for expressions of interest (MAI) for the aeronautics and automotive sectors, greatly weakened by the crisis.

By Le Figaro

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