Center Bretagne, Occitanie, Allier .... Agri-food among the most dynamic sectors


Jan 28, 2021, 11:42 AM


Despite an unprecedented health situation, the agrifood industry, the leading French industrial sector, is not losing any of its dynamism. The sector even continues to recruit, in many regions of France. Horizon tour ...

A tour of horizons that begins in Occitania , the future host country of CFIA Toulouse . In this territory, the agri-food sector is among the main recruiters and employers . A situation that is confirmed, even in this unprecedented health period. As indicated by the Observatory of Pôle emploi Occitanie, reported by Midi Libre on Tuesday January 26, "combined with the food industry, agriculture is the main source of employment in the region ".

And for good reason, during the first two confinements, the food industry played a major role in feeding the French. "With the two successive confinements, consumption patterns have largely favored e-commerce, but also certain short circuits which, initially imagined to cope with a cyclical situation, have been made to last ," indicates the regional daily .

Also in Allier and Center Bretagne

Direction Allier from now on, where the dynamism of the IAA does not falter. "The Department has several strengths: an industry that is not mono-centered on one activity, but focused on niche sectors ", explains La Montagne on Wednesday January 27.

A sector which, moreover, "was little impacted by the crisis ", as stated by Éric Schall, director of Pôle Emploi Allier. The regional daily also affirms that, during the coming year, more than ten jobs will be created, mainly in slaughterhouses. " It is a sector oriented both towards the French market and towards export […] The companies themselves provide in-house training, no need for special qualifications ".

Finally, in Central Brittany, around twenty positions are to be filled. Training leading to jobs will in fact be set up by Pôle emploi.

Initially scheduled for March 2020, and postponed due to the sanitary context, it concerns “the recruitment needs of operators and machine operators for six agrifood industries in Central West Brittany (Guyader, Galliance, Les Volailles de Keranna, Socopa, Ardo and Pêcheurs de Saveurs) ”, as Le Télégramme indicates.

"We are talking about twenty positions across all companies, all of which ultimately target the CDI", specifies Marie-Noëlle Alma, team leader at the Carhais agency of Pôle emploi. At the end of this free and paid training, companies undertake to offer a work contract. Further proof of the dynamism of the agrifood sector.

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