Eureden employs 514 people in Landerneau


Feb 9, 2021, 4:08 PM


One year after the founding of Eureden, the former headquarters of Triskalia, in Landerneau, retains a major role in the organization of the powerful cooperative agrifood group.

The replacement of the Triskalia panel, at the top of the picturesque circular building of Lanrinou by that of Eureden, in January 2020, is accomplished without much fuss. Not enough to make a whole cheese out of it either. If the label of "Camembert" (as the building is nicknamed) has changed, its human components have not been radically altered by the marriage between the Bretons Cecab-d'Aucy and Triskalia, which gave birth to the third group. French agro-food cooperative (*).

“Apart from some high-ranking managers and a few employees of poorly provided, but important services (communication), who left to work in the new common house, in Mellac (near Quimperlé), the employees of the Landerneau site did not have to move », Confirms Pierre Antonny, deputy managing director of Eureden. Lanrinou area, between the administrative and commercial building, the former Gelagri hangars occupied by the construction and maintenance team (Landerneau) and the Capinov laboratory (Laïta / Pencran site), Eureden employs 514 people.

Agricultural pillar

“Generally stable, even slightly higher than the previous workforce,” points out Pierre Antonny. Before, that is to say when the employees of the purchasing, marketing, marketing, sales administration, finance, human resources and information systems departments worked at the Triskalia headquarters. The fact that the new agrifood cooperative has appointed a chairman and a managing director, both from the Aucy group, would therefore not weaken the role of the Landerneau site in the Eureden network.

“The Eureden project is based on the desire for a 50-50% merger of Triskalia and Cecab. The creation of a single seat did not accommodate the principle. In addition, centralizing everything in one place seems a bit “has-been”, when our territory is the whole of Brittany. We have opted for a common house in Mellac, located between Landerneau and Theix (56), the two former headquarters of Triskalia and Aucy, and the distribution of six major branches of the new group in different sites ”. For its part, Landerneau takes over the agriculture branch.

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