The creation of this BTS maintenance results from the observation that we established during our many meetings


Apr 7, 2021, 10:26 AM


Delphine, explain to us the genesis of the creation of this BTS ...

The creation of this BTS maintenance results from the observation that we established during our numerous meetings during the 12/14 of the Agropole. The 12/14 are moments of discussion on different themes at lunchtime between the companies of the Agropole.

The Agropole is working on its attractiveness and has launched a 2030 project. The various member companies of this technopole then highlighted their needs on the maintenance part, specifying the difficulties they had in finding profiles on this part. . A rapprochement was then undertaken with IFRIA, the agrifood training institute, with whom we are used to working, to see if it was possible to build something together. On our side, the commitment is to take a work-study to allow the opening of the class.

In a more concrete way, how will this BTS work together?

This BTS is intended for people over 18 with a Bac, eligible for the apprenticeship contract. A class will open in partnership with the Lycée Jean Monnet de Foulayronnes (Lot-et-Garonne) and IFRIA. The pace that is defined will be 60% in business, the rest of the time in class. We are planning a start in September for a BTS which will last 2 years.

IFRIA is responsible for the project and gathers all the applications. Behind, he asks us to carry out the interviews and once we have exchanged with the candidates, we are able to comment on the profiles that interest us the most, in consultation with the other companies participating in the creation of this BTS , and in agreement with the candidates who sometimes have preferences at the end of the interviews.

A period of work-study which could lead to a contract behind ...

That's the point. At the moment at Cité Gourmande, we have 15 work-study interns in HR, logistics, security, production with the Bac Pro PLP and in commerce. On a regular basis we start on the alternation to start then.

It is a real lever for us, in particular to meet our recruitment needs. Currently on the maintenance part that interests us, we already have a staff of 15 people, since we have technicians on the week and others on the weekend.

Does the creation of this BTS, with promises of recruitment behind it, demonstrate the dynamism of the sector?

Dynamism, I don't know, but we needed versatile profiles (mechanics, electricity, automation ...). And since these are profiles that are difficult to find, we have sought solutions by working with educational partners.

Does Cité Gourmande have recruitment and development objectives other than the creation of this BTS?

We are part of the Le Duff group and the company is constantly evolving. We are still in phases of evolution, with other recruitments to come as well. Our policy is above all to increase the skills of internal employees and we only look outwards if we lack skills. We are always growing in numbers.

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