Reduce the carbon impact of industrial sites, promote the circularity of packaging with decarbonation, eco-design, sorting or even collection and recycling, accelerate the development of sustainable transport and logistics chain, fight against food waste ... are all challenges to be taken up by food manufacturers who are turning the corner to a greener industry. In its manifesto "The ambition of a green transition", Ania recalls the need for support of these industries which wish to initiate this transformation, as are currently doing large groups such as Nestlé, Coca Cola or the instigators of the project. Vercane, on the road to decarbonization ...

A file produced by Agro-Média , with articles to find:

- Green industry: Coca-Cola European Partners and Nestlé towards carbon neutrality. Read it here!

- Green industry: Certified circular resins for more sustainable packaging solutions. Read it here!

-VERCANE, the R&D program which aims to decarbonize the glass manufacturing process. Read it here!

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