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Nov 19, 2020, 11:55 PM

Healthy alternative Clean Label New sensorial experiences

Each year, CFIA Rennes presents a wide panorama of food trends on its Food Trends and Creations Thematic Space ".

The opportunity for visitors to discover the latest innovations in Ingredients & PAI from the various exhibitors at the show, in particular thanks to the Innovations Tours run by NutriMarketing .

All this having unfortunately been made impossible this year due to the health context, it is on that you can carry out your sourcing in a few clicks and discover the latest innovative products / ingredients from CFIA exhibitors, who are also present on myCfia .com! According to 4 strong trends :

Nutritional improvement:

France Culinary Development

Dehydrated preparation for high protein drink. Gourmet and balanced, it provides energy throughout the day and is made up of healthy, minimally processed ingredients. Three flavors are available: cappuccino, cookie cream, crème brûlée (suitable for a vegetarian diet). This high protein drink will seduce you thanks to its richness in proteins and vitamins. It will help improve your sports performance while increasing your muscle mass.

Find and contact France Culinaire Développement on here ->


Range of Fibrean functional plant fibers with texturizing, emulsifying, humectant properties, etc. which replace sugar and fat in order to significantly improve Nutri-Score. 100% natural, they allow “vegetable fibers” labeling and can be used in the formulation of biscuits, fruit preparations, vegetable milks, dairy desserts, BVP…

Find and contact Quaron on here ->

Salins du Midi

Baleine Essentiel, reduced sodium solution of marine origin with the same salting power as classic salt: same taste, same texture, same color. It is made up of marine mineral salts obtained by natural crystallization of seawater, which helps reduce sodium consumption by 50% by replacing it with magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Find and contact Salins du Midi on here ->

Sustainable development: towards more sincerity


Organic shelled hemp seeds, hemp flour from France: products rich in protein (55% mini) with an omega 3 / omega 6 ratio = 1.

Find and contact Bonabio on here ->


GreenFood50 offers a unique range of quinoa ingredients. Produced in the Netherlands with locally sourced quinoa, the GreenFood50 range offers an exclusive range of functional and nutritional ingredients for different applications in the food industry: whole quinoa flour, quinoa protein flour, quinoa starch as well as various flakes. and quinoa crisps. The innovative process of dry fractionation is used on the seed to obtain the protein and starch fractions, according to a clean process (no solvent or any chemical product) which concerns all the nutritional benefits of quinoa. The range is available in organic.

Find and contact Eurospechim on here ->


Crushed toasted legumes - Crushed toasted red lentils - Crushed toasted chickpeas - which provide a new texture, taste and the nutritional benefits of legumes. The toasting keeps the crispness in all types of finished products (bread, biscuits, snacks, cereal bars, etc.). They are rich in protein and fiber and can be a key ingredient in improving the Nutri-Score criteria for finished products. These ingredients are Gluten Free and Vegan.

Find and contact Limagrain on here ->

New sensory experiences: all tastes are allowed


Egg spray, practical and economical, to brown pastries. Regular gilding, homogeneous and without sagging. Infinitely recyclable packaging.

Find and contact Cocotine on here ->

Nactis Flavors

Simply Natural ™, a complete range dedicated to 100% natural solutions. Infusions, extracts, essential oils, spice blends and broths, all of these solutions allow simple and understandable labeling of your finished products. Warm, fruity notes, cocktail flavors or even simmered and cooked notes, this range consists of sweet and savory solutions and is therefore intended for all types of applications.

Find and contact Nactis Flavors on here ->


Fruit inserts in new formats - Individual or family discs and log inserts. Service products, easy to use, with 75% fruit without colorings and preservatives.

Find and contact Sicoly on here ->

The future of the clean label

ADS Food

Technological mix without additives and salt for the production of clean label sausages.

Find and contact ADS Food on here ->

AMI Ingredients

Spongolit® Pure 10 is an abundant base for the formulation of Clean Label sponge cake, which provides volume and softness. Easy to use, it allows a simple and short declaration in the list of ingredients.

Find and contact AMI Ingredients on here ->

Univar Solutions

The native functional starches of the NOVATION® Lumina range exhibit both taste and color neutrality (necessary for light colored and delicate flavor applications), while maintaining a stable texture allowing a shelf life of up to 7 weeks and 4 freeze / thaw cycles. A growing source of opportunities for manufacturers, the Clean Label was for the moment difficult to grasp due to the functional limits of existing ingredients (dairy products with high temperature process, fodder, etc.) The three starches in the range allow a natural and clean positioning label, with the technical functionality of modified starches.

Find and contact Univar Solutions on here ->


Cereclean, a Clean Label solution that ensures the same results as a chemical preservative such as calcium propionate (additive E282), potassium sorbate (additive E202) or alcohol for bakery products. CERECLEAN is a fermented wheat flour for which the fermentation process is controlled for a targeted production of organic acids to ensure the preservation of bread products. CERECLEAN ensures a better shelf life of sandwich breads, brioches and pastries.

The benefits of CERECLEAN: conservation of bread products as a replacement for commonly used chemical preservatives such as calcium propionate (additive E282), potassium sorbate (additive E202) or alcohol. Without any organoleptic impact (taste and texture) on sandwich breads, brioches or pastries. No impact on the manufacturing process

Find and contact Limagrain on here ->


And to find out (even) more, do not hesitate to consult Sophie de Reynal's recent podcast about the 5 major food trends of tomorrow , but also the attached document below to discover more innovative products / ingredients. exhibitors from CFIA Rennes.

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