The agro-food professions: production, manufacturing, etc.

August 2020
Par MyCfia

The National Association of Food Industries (ANIA) brings together 17,723 food companies in France. With 176 billion euros in turnover, it is the leading industrial employer with 427,594 employees. To raise awareness of all the agri-food professions, LSA is publishing this summer 2020 a large number of Ania's “professions” sheets, produced by Alimétiers in partnership with the Agricultural Cooperation and with the support of Ocapiat.

Production-manufacturing is the heart of the food industry's activity. This phase is essential, it is that of the transformation of agricultural raw materials into finished products.

Whether delivered to an artisan in the catering trade (baker, butcher, fishmonger, etc.) to an agricultural cooperative or to an agri-food industrial site, the raw materials will evolve, be transformed, associated with each other and, if necessary, packaged. to bring end products to life.

Each step, each daily action, allowing this transformation, carried out alone or in a team, calls on the skills and know-how of each associated with the best of technology, in compliance with the rules of hygiene, quality and safety.

Purely manual or highly mechanized, versatile or highly specialized, the production-manufacturing function offers a very diversified range of professions which allow the development of individual and collective performance.


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