Bonduelle, Fleury Michon… the good results of the agri-food giants!

August 2020
Par MyCfia

Fleury Michon's turnover increased over the first half of 2020. With nearly 88% of its activity carried out in supermarkets in France, Fleury Michon has instead benefited from the changes in consumption caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

In the first half of 2020, the Fleury Michon group's turnover increased by 8%. The increase is 4.1% at constant scope (removing the contribution of the Marfo group acquired in July 2019).

The activity of the GMS France division grew by 11.5% (to reach a turnover of 331 million euros), with an increase of 13.2% in the second quarter, the confinement period having benefited cold cuts and surimi products.

And Bonduelle ...

The Bonduelle group closed its financial year on June 30. 2019-2020 revenue was 2.854 billion euros, up 2.8% compared to the previous year (+ 1.4% like-for-like). The result of the innovation and internationalization policy of the family business, specializing in vegetable food. While activity in Europe grew slightly by 0.3% (like-for-like), activity outside Europe gained 2.3%. This is driven by strong growth in Eurasia and the capacity found in North America with the ramp-up of the Lebanon packaging site in Pennsylvania. Turnover outside Europe now accounts for more than 54% of the total.

However the crisis Covid-19 has strongly impacted the 4th quarter, with a contraction of 6% of sales (like), a negative trend particularly marked in Europe where the decline in activity is approaching 9% on the period.

By Food Process

Sources: Fleury Michon revenue up over the first half of 2020 / Bonduelle: revenue up despite the crisis

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