Sylvain Pendaries (FlexoPack): "The CFIA is the opportune moment to unveil innovations"

September 2020
Par MyCfia

Business development Manager France for the company FlexoPack , Sylvain Pendaries knows CFIA Rennes and the exchanges it generates. This is why he did not hesitate for a long time when he had the opportunity to exhibit for the first time at the leading food industry event with FlexoPack in September (September 29-30 and October 1). He explains why and assures us that “there will be surprises during this edition”.

Present your company ...

FlexoPack is a major European manufacturer of flexible barrier films for the meat, cheese and seafood industries, with multiple global production plants. State-of-the-art facilities with production capabilities in multilayer extrusion, bag making and high performance flexographic printing. Flexopack has an advanced R&D department for the development of new products and the improvement of the existing range.

You are going to exhibit for the first time at the CFIA with FlexoPack, but did you already know the fair?

Yes, I have worked in the packaging industry for 18 years and I know CFIA very well. I have visited it many times before and have been there as well.

How would you describe it?

The CFIA is the French food industry exhibition for packaging and processing. It is an unmissable event for manufacturers, which allows them to meet in a place of exchange conducive to business. The CFIA is also the opportune moment to unveil innovations and go further in the presentation of our product ranges. It brings great credibility to our customers. There are a lot of trade shows, especially in Germany, but in France there is none that is like the CFIA.

Was exhibiting on the CFIA your priority when you arrived at FlexoPack?

When I arrived at Flexopack, it was one of my priorities for the launch of the company in France. As Business Development Manager France, I believe that the CFIA is the ideal show for the launch of a new product and to display a new market positioning. This is the case with Flexopack, which until now was represented in France via a distribution network, which remains the case in the 45 countries in the world where we are present.

The DNA of Flexopack has also been innovation for more than 40 years: there will be surprises during this edition, one of which I can reveal to you: it is the Flexoboard!

Within a human-sized trade fair, the CFIA is renowned for its role as a business facilitator ...

This is true, especially since places are limited at the CFIA, the show being a victim of its success compared to others. The flagships of the food industry are at CFIA in Rennes. We also have to be there to meet them. This is the reason why exhibiting at CFIA is a great opportunity for us.

So you didn't hesitate for long when you knew you had the opportunity to participate?

No, what took the longest time was to complete and return the registration form. Despite the sanitary conditions, it was obvious for us, our customers and our partners to confirm our confidence in the Gl events group for our participation.

At the heart of an unprecedented period, the CFIA can help revive business, exchanges ...

Absolutely and this is the message that we communicate to our customers, while reassuring on the safety aspect, specifying that sanitary conditions will obviously be met and the furniture used regularly disinfected. Individual meetings are already planned to reassure and secure the reception.

To conclude, what does CFIA represent for you?

It is the privileged and personalized moment for the entire agrifood industry. The CFIA, unlike others, allows a privileged moment with its customers and allows to present in detail these products, because of the proximity and the dimension of the CFIA. In terms of visibility, we are much more visible by participating.

To discover the full program and the detailed list of Exhibitors for the next CFIA Rennes, click here!

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