Innovate with "True" food


Jun 11, 2021, 1:26 PM

CFIA Rennes 2021

“Innovate with 'True' food. The new challenge for actors in the food chain that are partners of Siga »Aris Christodoulou, Founding President, Siga - Charlotte Marsollier, Innovation Manager, Atelier V * - Marine Balmens, Brand Group Manager, Biocoop Siga, French pioneer in degree analysis of food processing, supports Atelier V * and Biocoop. These two companies, at the forefront of French innovation in food, are committed to true food and share the conviction that processing is a key criterion for evaluating the quality of food. As part of this conference, after a brief presentation of Siga and the tools developed by its Founding President Aris Christodoulou, Charlotte Marsollier, Innovation Manager at Atelier V * and Marine Balmens, Brand Group Manager at Biocoop, will share their collaborative experience with Siga. They will demonstrate the use of tools for improving quality with regard to the degree of processing of products and the food offer offered to consumers.

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