The digital twin in the food industry


Jun 10, 2021, 5:29 PM

CFIA Rennes 2021

“Issues and opportunities” and “Industrial cybersecurity: principles of trust and organization” Topics proposed by Nathalie Julien and Eric Martin, both authors of “The digital twin - From artificial intelligence to agile industry” (2020 - Dunod) “The digital twin in the food industry: challenges and opportunities” The digital twin is a recent concept that is enjoying real enthusiasm; however communications are often limited to a specific type of model or technology. This presentation details the various forms of the digital twin in order to understand all of its possibilities, thanks to a generic definition and a complete classification based on uses, illustrated by applications to the food industry. “Industrial cybersecurity: principles of trust and organization” The Cyber threat and cyberattacks affect nearly 40% of industries with very strong financial consequences. Faced with these risks, it is necessary to develop an in-depth defense policy, with trusted third parties, which covers technological, organizational and procedural aspects. We present the main threats and vulnerabilities, the defense policy in depth and will give as an example the relationship protocols between manufacturer and service provider.

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