Focus on ... "Circular Economy in the agrifood sector" - with Naomi Poignant from INEC


Apr 28, 2021, 1:16 PM

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As part of our April theme devoted to the circular economy and all that surrounds it, Naomi Poignant, Communication Manager of the National Institute of Circular Economy (INEC), answered our questions.

The opportunity to discuss with her the missions of INEC - the benchmark body for the circular economy, which brings together different actors, both public and private - but also to know where the agrifood industry stands in terms of circular economy. And this without forgetting the upcoming challenges for the IAA in this area.

And for another subject on this theme, namely 3 questions to Frédéric Mauny, from the company Waste Me Up,
About the valuation of beer brewery grains or other co-products, it's here:

But also the intervention of Claire Bisson on the subject of the Circular Economy in Quebec, here:

And finally, the discovery of Circul'Egg, which promotes co-products from the food industry, namely eggshells. Here:

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